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Our Scrapbook

You can click on the thumbnail images on this page to see larger versions of the images.

This is the painting that we used for the cover of our CD. It was painted by a young woman on the streets of St Petersburg, Russia.

This is the Carnival Jubilee. It is docked in San Pedro, California (near Long Beach.) There is a truck in the foreground and a building between the truck and the ship. The perspective helps you to realize how these ships are floating towns. This ship took us to the Mexican Riviera, which is what they call a good bit of their Pacific Coastline.

This is the ship Sun Viking seen from a tender, which is a small boat used to move to and from the ship when it isn't at a dock.

This is Royal Caribbean's Sun Viking near the Tracy Arm glacier in Alaska. The ship is huge. The glacier is a small one.

Our name isn't exactly in lights, but at least it is lit up. Look hard!

Tim gets lit up all by himself at Stump's Supper Club, and serves up some Great Southern Cooking.

This is Tim in the summer of '89 when he performed with Lynyrd Skynyrd of "Sweet Home Alabama" fame.

John the Saxman, a very talented musician who works with Tim and Lotte. He sings and plays flute and clarinet besides all of the saxes except soprano. He is currently performing at the Margaritta Grill with Lotte.

This is Tim when he isn't pretending to be normal. The person walking behind him is pretending not to know him, and if that fails, hoping to remain anonymous.

Lotte Pearl, a distant relative of Minnie Pearl

This is Lotte in Stockholm.

Don't ask. Don't tell.

This is Le Harve, France, which may be the port that Tim's ancestors sailed out of when they came to America way back when. The ship behind us is the Song of Norway.

This is Copenhagen, Denmark. Lotte is the one on the right, standing up, not the one tied to the bowsprit of that sailing ship on the left.

Who said you had to have a mask to have a disguise? Halloween in Florida. Boo!

A nice beach gets you in the mood to play beach music. This is Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. It is at the southern tip of Baja California Sur.

This shows an advertisement in the Las Vegas Review Journal promoting our show at the Sands.

This shows another advertisement in the Las Vegas Review Journal promoting our performance at the Las Vegas Hilton.

This is a review that appeared in Showtime Magazine the first time we performed at the Sands Hotel and Casino.

This is another advertisement, this time in the Vegas Visitor, promoting our show at the Sands Hotel and Casino.

This is a letter of praise (we like that) from the Southwest Florida Golfer's Association.

This is a follow up letter confirming performance dates at the MGM Grand, from the hotel itself.

This is an actual printed program from the cruise ship, Song of Norway, showing our scheduled performance as headliners on that ship in Denmark. This is just one example of many such performances. (see bio pages)

This is an article that appeared in the Citrus County Chronicle in March of 2002. It is about Lotte's Solo Act at the Elegant Pelican Lounge in Crystal River, Florida.

This is a letter of recommendation from Carnival Cruise lines.
This is a review that appeared in Showtime Magazine the second time we performed at the Sands Hotel and Casino.
"How I Spent My Summer Vacation." By Lotte (2002)

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