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Lotte with guitar Lotte

Not many people can proudly claim they are Florida natives, but I was born in Gainsville and raised in Cocoa Beach. That's just about a stone's throw from Cape Canaveral and I grew up watching rockets go off.

At 15, the guitar became my friend and partner. I used it mainly to accompany my voice. I began getting work in Cocoa Beach area nightclubs and restaurants at 19.

I saved my money and moved to San Francisco when I was 22 because of the rather famous artist communities there. I went to school and played as many free and fund raising events as I could find while working to support myself, often at very low paying jobs. It was during this time I won their respect and wrote and sang many of the tunes. We were even top ten on one of the local radio stations out of Los Gatos (KPEN). We stayed in that spot for 6 weeks. The band broke up because of many differences of opinion and I stayed another couple of years before moving back to Florida.

At different times, I joined several groups in Florida and played on cruise ships and night clubs until 1990 when I decided to return to my roots and started playing guitar as a single act again.

Tim hired me to work on a gambling cruise out of Cocoa Beach. He was the Cruise Director and we fell in love. We figured out how to create background tracks with midi gear. We used our abilities for comedy as well as live instrumentation (guitar & flute, harmonica, sax) to help complete the show and it really worked. We've traveled the world on cruise ships and played the best places in Las Vegas. Now, we live and work in Clearwater, Florida, and have our own CD Wanderer.

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